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Financial literacy to proficiency

Mansha Plan Foundation is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2019. Mansha means wish and good fortune in Punjabi. Our mission is to educate youth about financial literacy to support their dreams of fortune, and financial freedom. Our community partners include The Skills For Life, whose distribution spans across Toronto and Peel District School Board.

Fix A Broken System

Financial literacy has become a trending word, but many still struggle with what it means, and are victims of generational gaps in building financial freedom. There are many educational tools out there, but we bring the tools to the youth through experiential learning, events and partnering with trusted front lines groups that teach financial literacy.




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Financial Goal Book

Our free curriculum addresses the knowledge gap by helping youth develop a wealth mindset and set ambitious but achievable goals

Let’s take on limiting beliefs and increase the intrinsic desire to learn about wealth. This mindset is the backbone of learning.

Setting goals that excite us but are also achievable requires its own learning. S.M.A.R.T goal planning help us achieve measurable targets and achieve them in timely manner.

We start from the basics: calculating gross and net income, fixed and variable expenses, finding the saving ratio that works for you. Combined, these small behaviors help learners achieve their financial goals.

We work to reward the right behaviours and build them into long-term habits.
Let’s treat the brain like a muscle, flex Mansha Plan learning muscles during the day to day until it becomes second nature.

We emphasize experiential learning through in-person and virtual workshops. Our past workshops include:


 1. Real Talk Finance (watch to learn more)


2. Buying Real Estate Simulation (watch to learn more)

We help young people draw insights from people they can relate to. We are grateful to a growing list of mentors who have donated time toward our charitable initiatives.


Dalton Pompey (MLB Star)



Bismack Biyombo (NBA Star)



Michael Wekerle (CEO, El Mocombo)



Bruce Croxon (TV Personality, BNN’s The Disruptor)



And many more…

We are evening the playing field to give all youth a better chance to succed.

We help youth succeed by incorporating financial literacy with athletic development to accelerate personal and professional growth for underrepresented youth.

For example, the Mansha Plan Foundation funded a group of young, underrepresented athletes the ability to participate in a prestigious basketball showcase accompanied by a guided workshop on using the Financial Goal Book to save for future opportunities.

Warrent Buffet CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

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Strong and still growing.


Interactive workshops held.

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Raise to support financial literacy.


Youth attended our workshops and worked through a financial goal book.

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